help!!! my boyfriend may have killed a peace lily very dear to me

linnnyJuly 12, 2012

Ok, so I have a peace lily that was a gift when I was deathly ill. I take very good care of it, and it is extremely healthy. My boyfriend was trying to help with it while I was at work, and put it outside on the balcony. In indirect heat, but 90 degrees. I came home, and it is completely wilted!! All of it's leaves are drooped to the bottom of the pot. I've never had to be concerned about it being in such high heat because I know they prefer 60-80 degrees. Please let me know if it may be dying, or just really sad. He also watered it when he brought it in, thinking that would help. Unfortunately I just gave it a 1 cup of water yesterday.:(

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Spathiphyllums are house plants not garden plants, they don't want to be outside.

They like evenly moist soil, whether or not a cup at a time is enough water depends on how big the pot is. Most people give house plants too little water, too often.....

If it is wilted, put it in the sink and thoroughly soak it.

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