mercury vapor 100 watts

hookilau(long island NY)October 14, 2004

I have a mercury vapor light for my turtle and it occurs to me, it's supposed to simulate sunlight to keep her healthy, so I can probably also use this for my plants too, no?

I have about 8 plants that I have brought in from outside and would like to overwinter them till next year.

I would like to trim back to one main trunk and re-pot, is it not wise to do it this time of year or should I wait till the shock of moving indoors has had it's way...

so far they have been inside for about a week and minimal leaf drop noted.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Organicgreens(z9 AZ)

You would be much better off just using some flourescents. The MV produces way more heat than it does usuable light.

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A combination of high pressure sodium and metal halid provide the best proper range of the spectrum. From the blues to the reds. See the following link:

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jwmeyer(Z8 OR)

There are lights out there now that give better blues and reds from one bulb so you don't have to have two seperate bulbs...
Hortilux Blue or Philips mastercolor ceramic metal halide...Do a search.

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I see you have posted this in threads other than the Hortilux one.

I have seen the Spectral Power Distribution that Philips published for the MasterColor line of lamps. I have never heard of this being used as a plant light. At the time I saw it, I immediately began looking up information, and found none.

This looks to me as if it would be amazing as a grow light, but I have never seen it represented as such, or ever heard of anyone who has used it to grow.

What do you know? Links? Info? I would love to see how good it is.


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