can most lillies grow indoors?

abacoianJuly 19, 2014

I'm thinking of getting a few bulbs and trying them. I live in Florida. Outside I should plant them in the shade right? And would they do well indoors?

I'm looking at trying to grow the "Linda" lilly. What size pot would be big enough for it to grow well?

I'm also wondering how and when it might produce new bulbs and if I just dig them up?

Thank you so much for your help.

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Sorry, most lilies won't do well indoors. It is a pretty firm rule of thumb in gardening that plants that grow outdoors naturally in temperate climates will not easily grow indoors. For example, things like potted hydrangeas, azaleas, lilies and even tabletop Christmas trees. They are intended as gift plants or for short term use at best. Indoors rarely addresses the light, temperature, humidity and dormancy needs these plants require to survive. Successful indoor plants - houseplants - are nearly always from semitropical or tropical climates.

Depending on your hardiness zone, Asiatic lilies like Linda may need a chilling period. And they prefer sun but will tolerate light shade. A single bulb is easily grown in a standard nursery gallon but you will get a better effect if you choose a larger pot with multiple bulbs.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to grow lilies

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