How about more bloomers?

alina_1July 15, 2007

After some dissapointments (deer ate some of my Lilies and destroyed Hostas, 'Purple King' seems to be infected with a virus) I need some cheering up! Could you show me more of your bloomers?

Here are some of mine:

Asiatic 'Black Out'

Asiatic 'Fata Morgana' (double)

Asiatic 'Cappuchino' (Tango)

Asiatic 'Black Spider' (Tango)

Orienpet 'Nymphe'

Orienpet 'Shocking'

Dwarf Oriental 'Maru'

LA Hybrid 'Party Diamond'

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snasxs(7-8 VA)

Wow beautiful.

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leslie197(z5 MI)

Here's a few

Everything is really early this year - here's my first oriental lily of the season - no id


My orienpets are extra tall this year - this one is possibly Honeymoon, but last year I thought the color was a bit warmer cream.

Here's my Touching

Closeup of Touching

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Leslie, I always enjoy seeing you pictures!
Could your NOID be Willeke Alberti?
Love 'Anaconda', very unusual color for a Trumpet!
Thanks for sharing!

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I gorw the OT "Touch" and mine are still quite short after several years. Looks like yours are tall!

I love your Black Out.

Great photos!

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leslie197(z5 MI)

I have no idea what that NOID is. It is similar to Willeke Alberti, but was bought maybe 5 years ago in a mixed package of orientals from someplace like Dutch Gardens. There are 6 flower stalks this year (on the east side of the house getting only morning sun) and none are taller than 2 - 3 ft! Real dwarfs - of course I have never fertilized them and I'm sure they would like more sun, but I ran out of room and stuck the single bulb there years ago.

Yes, my orienpets are very tall this season. Last year they were maybe 40 inches tall at most. This year they are between 6 & 7 feet tall. I have no idea why, except that I know they are getting more summer water this year than the previous one. (The front of this bed was redone & expanded last year and has many new plants that I have been watching carefully - plus my crazy next door neighbor waters his grass incessantly - no water restrictions this season & I get his runoff in this area. I just hope the bulbs don't rot!!) This is also their 3rd season, so it may just be a maturation thing.

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Alina, love your Black spider! Looks like the "dot com" I saw in Scheepers catalog. Our garden club, and me also, have had super results with our "deer spray" cheap and well tested here in Maryland..... put 2 whole eggs in a blender along with 1 quart of water, whip for several minutes to make sure nothing will clog your sprayer. AFter mixing, add a small squirt of dish detergent. Sprayabout once a month...a little more often if it rains more than once a week. Before I started using this, deer would wait until the buds were just about ready to open, before they would have a marvelous dinner! Faye in MD

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Faye, thanks for the advice! "My" deer do exactly this: wait until the buds were just about ready to open and munch on them. It was very frustrating, especially with Lilies that I just bought. I used comercially made deer spray (also based on eggs). It seems to help, but it leaves ugly white spots on plants' leaves. I will definitely try your recipe!
I think I received 'DotCom' from Hallson's Gardens instead of 'Starburst' I ordered:

And more this summer bloomers:

Asiatic 'Landini'

OA Hybrid 'Elegant Crown'

Orienpet 'American Ingenuity'

Oriental 'Rosy Dawn'

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Alina: Thanks for the pictures, beautiful, especially now that mine are almost gone, brown, wilted, deformed etc. fromthe mild winter and present drought. And now this 90+ degree heat for the next week. Love the flowers, butterfly and your cat! Do you grow these lilies in pots? Any particular reason?
Haven't heard of Hallison's but will search. Faye

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Faye, I do grow them in pots for now. The reason - we just moved to our first single family home. We lived in a townhome before. I had a tiny bed that we shared with my neighbors. I left a lot of Lilies planted there. Most of potted Lilies I have now are first year plants I received from mail order companies. I also bought some excellent bulbs at Costco this spring. I am planning to do some hardscaping projects on our lot before I will plant my Lilies permanently.
Hallson's Gardens is a very reputable online seller. It is famous for the perennials and Hostas, but I found their selection of Lilies very nice. Prices were very reasonable also.
Thanks for your kind words. Fortunately, Lilies attract butterflies, not only deer :0) Our cat enjoys having a backyard as much as we do.
I lost some blooms to bud blast this year. Some of my new Orientals still have buds on them. The blooming was delayed because they are first year plants probably. I keep my fingers crossed hoping I will not loose those in this heat...

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philomena(z 5A NY)

Here's a long-shot pic from a couple weeks ago - the Scheherezade were just starting, and the Silk Road were just starting to fade. There are also some Anastasia, Stargazers, and various daylilies blooming in the mix. One of the Silk Road actually hit eight feet - its the one all the way over to the left - the blossoms didn't make it into the pic!.

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Very impressive! Your 'Silk Road' looks very brightly colored!
I was wondering if it keeps bright colors in hot climate. All my LO Hybrids ('Triumphator', 'Queen's promise', 'Prince Promise') looked very pale. I will definitely order 'Silk Road'! Thanks for your picture!

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Alina: Thanks for Hallson info. I first tried searching for them without success before you sent link. ASked when I could order, they were extremely fast responding. In the process, I went to Daves and checked out some of the sources I've had problems with. Promptly canceled one order I placed 3 days ago. Another"bad" co gave me a credit of $46 as 6 lilies that never came up. Now I'm trying to figure out what "fail safe" thing to order.
Phil: love your pictures. I planted 1 silk road 3 years ago, and this year like most of my lilies, it responded to our warm winter without much bloom, plus they were small. Never used this source before, MZ bulbs, but ordered 3, likely babies, silk road quite cheaply. You must not get any wind where you live! If I had lilies that tall I would have to anchor them with rebar! Beautiful picture of your whole garden. Aren't digital cameras great? You can sure keep track of what you plant/grow. A few years ago I took a picture each month so that I knew, come the following spring, what to move and what to buy to keep the blooms coming. Fortunately I have quite a few reseeding annuals that keep the color coming. After 3 years I have a nice patch of larkspur and snow on the mountain. Finally after weeks of drought, Mother Nature arrived yesterday with 2 inches of rain, which makes weeding a joy! Even dandilions are coming out root and all!
Am awaiting conformation of a special I found at Parks, seemed to good to be true--beginner type trumpet lilies, bag of 15. Haven't heard in 2 days so it must NOT be true! Thanks for sharing. Love you folks! Faye in MD

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tjsangel(z5 OH)

Tom Pouce, Oriental, new this year, flowers are huge!

Souvenir, a dwarf Oriental:


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philomena(z 5A NY)

Alina and Faye - Thanks :-) I ordered the Silk Road from The Lily Garden - nice big bulbs!

Faye, if you look closely at the pic, you'll see that almost all the tall stems are staked - the only lilies I have never needed to stake are the Scheherezade - those grow straight and strong. I'm not that far from the Hudson River, and are backed by mountains, so it is plenty windy ! The blossoms would be on the ground if I didn't stake these pretty things.
I'm going to squeeze in a couple Black Beauty this year, and possibly some white varieties, but haven't decided what yet. I'm hoping all the pics give me that good record you mention - somehow, I never seem to do that record-keeping job well enough.

Jen, I saw some of the Tom Pouce in a nursery and was very tempted to get them - I should have ! What pretty blossoms.


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Phil: yep you're right. I can see the stakes, but such a neat job I missed them! 2" of rain a few days ago...,makes for an easy job to pull the weeds that just popped up overnight! All lilies are finished except for a Casa blanca that is in my refrigerator that I visit a few times a day. It has been in there for over 2 weeks.

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philomena(z 5A NY)

I try and make the stakes as un-noticiable as possible - the stakes themselves are green plastic coated rebar, and I started using the Velcro garden tape - the green is much more natural than the stretchy tape - you can hardly see it and it's reusable. I stock up now of those things as they are starting to go on sale now.
All my lilies are done now too, with the exception of 2 blossoms remaining on the Scheherezade - I thought the rain and wind we had yesterday would have knocked them off, but they are still hanging in. So now I'm moving some of the stakes over to the NY Ironweed - those guys are topping 7 feet and blooming like mad - the Monarchs love them! But the rain really made them top-heavy, so I figure a little extra support can't hurt.

Time to go play in the dirt and pretend I'm "working in the garden" :-)

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