pea and snow pea questions

gmniJuly 11, 2010


hoping for some good info. I planted oregon sugar snap peas and wando peas in the spring and harvested some great peas in the last few weeks. Now it is in the mid 90s/hi80s as far as high temps, and peas aren't producing as well. Parts of the vines are looking brownish and ragged.

I did fertilize again and there appears to be some new growth and flowering. Wando is still producing, but at a lower rate.

My question is - should I leave the vines alone, and wait for another crop when the weather cools (in another 4-6 weeks), or should I pull the vines and replant for a fall crop. What would happen if I pruned back the vines - r would they put on a new crop for fall?

Thanks in advance for your comments!


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I have found that they produce little when you do this. Better off replanting. You could also develop disease on the stressed plants

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