'Midnight' strain is blooming

botanybabeJuly 4, 2006

I have a huge clump of "Midnight" strain. There are over a hundred buds in this clump. They are just starting to open. I thought you might enjoy a peek at them.


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I have been "googling" the words lilium and Midnight strain etc., only to find B&D Lilies and The Lily Garden say that Midnight strain refers to a purplish trumpet lily. The pictures are nothing at all like yours. This must be a totally different kind of "Midnight" strain, right? Is it an oriental? How many bulbs did you plant in order to have over 100 buds? They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :0) Phyl

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Hi Phyl,

I've been told these are actually "Scherezade," which is okay with me, but it's not what I ordered and paid for. I figure I probably got the best of that deal. Anyway, I planted one bulb about 5 years ago. Last year there were four stems in the clump, this year there are seven. BUT this year there are fewer blossoms per clump so I still have about a hundred. I probably have fewer blossoms per stem this year because I didn't fertilize last fall.


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This is the Oriental x Trumpet (Orienpet) hybrid 'Scheherazade', very well grown!!

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They are still STUNNING! I am excited myself, to see my first blooms of these OTs/TRumpets planted last fall/this spring:

5 Orania
5 Red Hot
J&P mixed OTs (only 5 of 8 came up) :0(
1 Anastasia
1 Arabesque
1 American Spirit
1 American Heritage
2 Visa Versa
5 Robina
5 Lady Alice (Trumpet)
3 Anaconda (Trumpet)
3 Amethyst Temple (Trumpet)

The rest I planted were asiatics and orientals (Mojave, Lovely Girl, Excelsior, Italia, Jubileo, Species Rubrum, Muscadet, Tom Pouce, and another collection of orientals).

BTW, anyone have comments/experience with the above?
Thanks! Phyl

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chemguynj(z6 NJ)

Hi Phyl
Which of your list is blooming now? I'm at sort of an intermission between asiatics and orientals. I bought some of the American lilies but these were planted late this year. When does Red Hot bloom in NY?


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How about some photos! We'd love to see them.

I've grown Amethyst Trumpet, but it's still quite young and not up to performance standards. Beautiful flowers, though.


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rommy(z8 NC)

Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing the picture!

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