Love the blooms! (pics)

socksJuly 16, 2013

I'm so enjoying the lilies now that they are just starting to bloom. I wanted to share some pictures. It's pretty hot here, so the blooms don't last long. They have a few hours morning sun, shade the rest of the day. Anyone else want to share pictures?


First year for Sunny Crown in my garden

More Sunny Crown

Here's First Crown

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thanks for sharing, they are so so so beautiful! Isn't Flashpoint a strong growing thing? For me it is! Within the FIRST YEAR it put out bulblets. Crazy. By the end of the second years I was dividing clumps.

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I just got Flashpoint and planted it in May. It has grown so well with lots of blooms, but they aren't as deep in color as B&D shows in their catalog. More like Stargazer, which is fine.

I'm new to these lilies and am not sure how to handle bulblets. I had a few short spindly ones pop up (6" high). I guess those are the bulblets and I can leave them to return next year. (?)

It's also the first year for Sunny Crown. What a cheerful, pretty flower, and they are lasting pretty well.

Thanks for your reply. Enjoy your lilies.

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Yes, leave the bulbets and they"ll come back bigger and should flower next year.

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