What to do with bush beans?

cowabunga1(Zone 6)July 25, 2007

Hello, I was just curious to know how everyone cooks their green beans. Is there one particular way you like to serve them? Do they taste as good as canned green beans from the store?


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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

I cook mine different ways...I steam them and stir fry them with a little garlic in a dab of olive oil ...or I just cover them with water and add salt and pepper and a little garlic powder and cook them for a few...They are way better than canned green beans from the store..A different taste altogether...I have to tell you though that I love beans...even canned from the grocery store.

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jimster(z7a MA)

"Do they taste as good as canned green beans from the store?"

I beg your pardon! You must have tasted a fresh snap bean. Is that intended to be a provocative question? Shame on you.

Anyway, steaming for only 5 minutes or so, then dressing with butter and seasoning with salt is my basic preparation. They match well with potatoes. Leftovers can be used chilled in potato salad or with salad dressing as a bean salad.

My most elaborate preparation would be Szechuan stir fried green beans. However that is most authentic when made with yard long beans.


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I also vote for steaming fresh green beans! Worth the price of a steamer, too, if you're like me and tend to forget things on the stove. I've had a Black & Decker steamer for nearly 20 years that cost under $30 and still looks and works like new. Plus, it makes perfect rice.

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cowabunga1(Zone 6)

Thanks for the tips guys! I never thought I'd like fresh beans but I do. I tried this recipe and you have to try it. It is addicting. Thanks again. I will have to try steaming them as you suggested.


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utdeedee(7A-East Tennessee)

Well I have to jump in on this one. The southern [fattening] way: a small piece of salt pork on top of broken green beans with water (enough to cover beans), a little black pepper, cook until beans are good and tender and water is almost gone, yumm...I know, the cholesterol is terrible this way, and I don't do it very often, maybe twice a year, but it is *delicious* [throw in some fried squash, tomatoes and cornbread :)] and there is no *comparison* to home canned/frozen beans to store bought!! :)

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dixielib(z6/7 Ga)

utdeedee! Can't believe it! As I write I have a pot of beans cooking, with some bacon drippings from earlier bacon/tomatoe sandwich. Tonight when I get home from work will "cook the beans down" so that most of the water is gone. For sure fried squash, tomatoe, onions chopped over the beans and cornbread. Will probably add some corn too...rather eat that than a steak dinner anytime! In a few days will have my other favorite dinner from the garden...purple shell peas, corn, tomatoes (with some vinegar over them), and fried okra. Oh, and of course cornbread. My cholesterol is very low and I weigh 100 lbs soaking wet. I steam or stir fry most veggies, but those two southern meals I have eaten since childhood and will not give up.

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utdeedee(7A-East Tennessee)

Sounds good dixilib! I have ate these things since childhood also but like you forgo a lot of other unhealthy stuff and don't have a weight problems either and no cholestrol/high blood prob. at 48 yr. old and I won't give this up either. Like you, I'll take a meal of all this over steak and lobster any time :)

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Fresh off the vine, they never make it to the kitchen. :)

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glover(z7 DC)

Here's a wonderful "fancy" green bean salad that I've been making ever since its recipe appeared in our community garden cookbook one year.

Cook/steam beans in water for about 4 minutes till crisp/tender. Drain and pat dry.

Chop a couple tablespoons of red onion and toss with beans.

Add an ounce or two of crumbled feta cheese and a couple Ts
of chopped walnuts.

Dress with a minted vinaigrette. (olive oil & white wine vinegar in your favored proportions plus a handful or so of chopped fresh mint.
Don't dress salad till just before serving, as vinaigrettes ultimately turn the beautiful green beans gray.

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