Lilium 'Citronelle'

Mystery_GardenerJuly 12, 2005

I love updisde down lily flowers but have not had much luck with martagons (it may be too wet here). I have substituted Lilium 'Citronelle', Lilium 'Pardalinum' and an old fashioned orange tiger lily with upside down blooms to get a similar effect.

Please let me know if there are other lilies out there with this habit. Thanks.

Lilium 'Citronelle' single

Lilium 'Citronelle' cluster



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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

Yes there is another one! Check out "Red Velvet" on the Lily Garden site.

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Gorgeous! Now I'll have to find some of those too. Gee Thanks! lol


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These aren't exactly the same look, but I really like Rubrum, rubrum alba, and Scherazade lillies. I have one with HUGE flowers called American Dream or somehting like that that the flowers face down and out.
Black beauty is also upside down with very recurved petals and is very nice with lots of flowers.... there are several other orienpets that have the upside down flowers also. And I recieved one in a trade this year, I think it was called King Kong? or something like that that has downfacing flowers also and is nice.

Look through the catalog here at the lily nook for some ideas.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: The lily nook

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Thanks for the suggestions. I have 'Red Velvet' and 'Black Beauty' on my wish list.

I forgot I had Lilium speciosum rubrum ;-) I now remember they opened later in the year. Here is a photo of one from last year.

Lilium speciosum rubrum


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cnid(z5b Ont Canada)

L. pumilim or tenuifolium (Coral Lily) is an early, small lily with lots of bright orange-red upside down flowers. Very nice. Dominion has it (3 bulbs for $9).

I have Henryi and just love it. The green center's amazing. It is a very vigorous upside-down lily. Orange with raised freckles. Tall, lots of buds. Blooms in later July for me.

I got something called Lady Alice this year which looked like Henyri in the pictures but with more white than orange. It has yet to bloom.

I have a buff lily that is TOUGH and looks like your basic tiger except for its beige/pink colour. It is blooming now.

I got something called L. cernuum last year but it did not come up. I got it from Garden Import (Toronto).

Don't know if you have discovered Botanus yet - it's in BC. I got the Henryi and Lady Alice from them. They are getting more "unusual" lilies. Good prices, great service, good quality bulbs and plants.

I didn't really like the upside-downs at first but I now really like their unique forms, colours, and markings. And hummingbirds love them in my garden. They're tall enough that the hummingbirds can dine without the cats being able to attack them.

Here is a link that might be useful: lady alice link

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Hi cnid:

Thanks for the info. We do not have Dominion stores here, too bad :-( I had a L. Henryi but I must have lost it, I can not see it anywhere.

Botanus does not have too much at the moment, I will check later in the year when their spring catalog is released. The 'Lady Alice' looks really cool, hopefully I will track some down.


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cnid(z5b Ont Canada)

Mystery Gardener

Dominion Seed House is a Canadian mail order company. They have a website and I like their (free) catalogue. The lilies, tulips, and crocuses I've ordered have all been fine and prices are competitive. I attached a link.

Also, there are more upside-down lilies on The Lily Nook web-site, under species lilies.

I meant to say earlier that your pictures are stunning. I don't know all the proper terminology but the lighting, the focus, the composition - all amazing. Thanks for sharing.

KDJ - I was hoping you'd share pics of L. speciosum var clivarum. (I keep forgetting its name.) Great timing! Are those this year's blooms? Any idea where one might get some of those bulbs or seeds? Does it want some (or mostly) shade?


Here is a link that might be useful: Dominion Seed House

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Hi Cnid:

Thanks for the kind words and the link to Dominion. I have just ordered Adobe Creative Suite which includes software that should make it easier to share photos on the web.

Now, I am going to look at the link you supplied ;-)


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tyshee(Z 3 & 4) Valley K. Greenhouses in Canada have drooping lilies also. It's a great place to order from and I like them better than the Lily Nook. Cheaper import fee, lilies are better labled, great personal contact and healthy bulbs, I rate them a 10 and the Lily Nook an 8 for accuracy and health. I got mismarked bulbs and some unhealthy bulbs with rotting insides from Lily Nook.

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cnid(z5b Ont Canada)


My Lady Alice opened this morning - it's lovely! Much better than the web/catalogue pictures. My plants are short (they're all short in that bed this year) but the flowers are a good size and perfect. It's a cream colour (almost titan buff for the artists out there) with a flush of orange on each petal near the center and then the GREEN throat of the Henryi relatives. The freckles are not as raised as Henryi's. Really nice. I'm curious to see if it recurves more tightly during the day. I think it's slightly fragrant but it's beside some orientals and it might be their scent I'm noticing.

Has L. Pardalinum been easy for you? I think I planted some this year but can't remember where so I'm not even sure if they came up (sigh).

Tyshee - thank you for yet another Canadian source. I have another huge bed almost done and will need lots of lilies for it.


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Hi cnid:

Lady Alice sounds very nice. I will be keeping a lookout for her in the future. I find L. Henryii to be one of the most interesting of the species lilies.

L. Pardalinum seemed to want its own space. It did not like competition from other plants. I have ours planted in raised beds.


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