Dry and Small Lima Beans in SC

fishboy2008July 28, 2008

Planted a 50' row in April and they are flowering and yielding little limas or they dry on the vine. My novice theory is they are too close together. They are Lima bean bush Dixie butterpea white.

Thanks David

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Butter peas are small seeded limas. They are small usually 2-3 per pod but plumper. They are time consuming to pick and shell but well worth it. As far as drying I am assuming there is beans in the pod and you have waited to long to pick Can pick when pods are good and full. I like to test a few pods by shelling thenm to gage fullness. I also pick when a few pods are starting to turn yellow or dry it is a good indication that the majority are probably ready. The dry ones shell seperately and use as a dry lima. The others use as a fresh bean. When planting I usually plant bush types about 6-12inches apart.Hope this helps Rodger another South Carolinian

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As Roger stated, they are very small seeded lima. I use the same plates in the planter as for snap beans approximately 3 inch spacing.

Tedious to pick but excellent eating

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Thanks for the advise, we picked quite a few last night and they looked great.

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when limas are going to be used as dry beans in soups, etc...so we have to peel the outer skin off of them like when eaten fresh?

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Got me on that concept, earth harvest. I have never peeled a lima of any type, dry, or green shelled nor knew anyone who did. We do shell them if that is what you mean. The pods are very tough.

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cabrita(9b SoCal)

Earthharvest, are you thinking about fava beans? favas are the only ones that should be peeled, at least of the beans I have had...

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hmm...i thought limas had to be peeled too. i tried eating some fresh ones and there was an outer skin on the beans inside the pod that was kind of waxy. i know they are not favas because favas are really fat and the pods are extremely thick walled. the limas are quite flat and very wide.
weird that i think they have to be peeled. i've never grown nor eaten fresh ones before, so don't know much about them.
anyone else know about peeling limas?

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I'm with farmerdilla here, I have never heard of anyone 'peeling' a lima bean after shelling it.

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