Rubrum lily dying

Windnose(5)July 10, 2012

My mother recently received a Rubrum Lily for her birthday. After it had finished blooming (around a week ago, maybe a little less), she planted it in one of her gardens. Today, when I got home from work, I noticed that it is doing horribly. This garden has a few different varieties of lilies that are all doing wonderfully. There is shredded red mulch on top of the soil as well. The first picture (attached to this post- sorry for bad quality) shows the lily, which has three stems. Two of the stems are brown/green with no leaves, the third stem is still green with yellowing leaves. The second picture (I will post again after this, and attached this second picture to that post) shows the leaves that were on the ground. I felt the way the leaves seem to have browned from the inside out was odd and may be a clue to what is happening. The leaves were not stiff and crumbly, I'm not sure if they fell off themselves or if my mom had pulled them off.

ANY help would be wonderful!

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Here is the second image.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Typical behavior of greenhouse grown potted lily for the florist trade. It should return next year but sometimes they are weak the first year. I'd fertilize well in spring.

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It looks like it burnt badly, from the sunlight and heat we've had. Not unusual response for a forced, florist's potted lily that is suddenly put outdoors.

It doesn't really matter, the plant has basically done its thing already and would have died down shortly anyw. While it would make better growth next year if the foliage had lived longer, it will still grow next year and do fine, and probably even bloom. As suggest above, just baby it next year so it builds the bulbs for succeeding seasons.

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