mounding/side dressing peas?

vmarcos68(8A)July 13, 2007

My peas germinated well due to using innoculant this year I believe. They were reaching forward to the sun and would not climb the supports I provided. I wonder if the supports hav to be in front of the vines. I am going to hang them ove a wire I strung up as my plan B, although they do crack at the stems easily when moved.

My main question is that the stems at the bases appear thin. Im still wondering if mounding up or side dressing snap peas is standard procedure. Are peas heavy feeders? If I use organic alfalfa tea, how often?

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I assume your talking field peas. Regardless peas are not heavey feeders but if giving lots of nutrients and well tilled soil and moisture they will cover an area in vines. I find peas very hard to train up a trellis or any thing verticle. The seem to prefer to sprawl over the ground and if by chance a vine may go up. There is exceptions, Diawa or Botswana black eye climbed very easily up fiberglass poles for me. I would leave them be and let them sprawl. No need to add any additional nutrients the inoculant will help the peas produce their own nitrogen. As far as mounding up the soil I think that is a good idea. I typically hoe the peas once to remove weeds and pull soil up around the base after that the peas can choke out any weeds that may sprout. Rodger

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