What's happening to my lily?

lipwak(6/NY)July 11, 2006


My sole lily (other than the day lilies...), which had bulbils I asked about earlier, now has yellowing leaves in the middle. Is it too wet or dry or otherwise unhappy? It is in a shaded area. Maybe it needs more sun?

I have a pic of it on my blog here: http://lipwak.blogspot.com/ in today's (7/11/06) entry.

Thanks for any help you can give.



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Your lily looks like the victim of poor drainage or too much rain. Your unknown plant is comfrey.


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Thank you, thank you! I am clueless with new plants. We have had a bit of rain lately but I think it is wise to move it to a dryer spot.

I am assuming the unknown plant you mean is the one I just posted, the long stemmed one with the tiny blue flower beginning to bud? I have a bunch more scattered through my blog and have to limit myself or else I'd be uploading too many pictures of plants that are popping up all over!

Muchas gracias!


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De nada. Enjoy.


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