Controlling Lily Beetles

CathySkiGirlJuly 17, 2011

I have lily beetles for the first time this year in Orange, CT. I have a formal bed of lilies on my patio which have been living there for ten+ years. They were being ruined by the lily beetles. I decided after reading the bad news online, that I would plant Cleomes to replace the lilies in the bed. I did not remove the lilies, just interplanted them. Other lilies planted elsewhere continued to be destroyed by the beetles even though I hand pick them, but surprise! the ones in the patio bed are, after some initial damage, beetle free and nice and green. Could the Cleomes be protecting the lilies? I read that someone thought their turtle heads interplanted with lilies were controlling the beetles, but that is not the case where I have them planted together. The cleomes and the lilies are blooming together now and the cleomes will continue all summer, it is very pretty.

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I might have to try that. I have seen lily beetles in my garden but they seem to leave the lillies alone and attack my roses for some strange reason. I have been using Ortho's Flower, fruit and veggie insect killer and have had no issues with insect damage so far this year. Bristol, CT, by the way :)

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