gardenall(8)July 12, 2010

I have made two trellis to grow my greenbeans on.I have a soaker hose on each of them.I water regular and I guess with it being real hot and dry it is attracting at least one snake that I saw but couldnt kill. My boys love helping DAD in garden.I started not letting them go unless I am with them. (HOW CAN YOU PREVENT SNAKES) BY THE WAY IT WAS POISONOUS!!!! THANKS

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If there's a snake there's usually snake food close by (rats, mice, ect). Find a way to get rid of the rodents and the snake should leave. It may have just been passing through, as was the case with a large black snake I had under the house at one point. It was running from my uncle who was on a lawn mower and hid under the house for a couple hours until he was gone. Haven't seen it since.

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Where do you live? In some parts of the country, like where I live, it's impossible to be sure that there aren't any snakes in the garden. Instead I've gotten real good with a hoe ;)

I leave the non venomous ones alone; and I find a lot of those. But copperheads cannot be left alone. I've killed two or three this year.

Tahlequah, OK

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I live in Mississippi and there are a lot of snakes in our area also ,but I was hopeing I could just keep the area as clean as possible and not have snakes.

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Well, I'm sure you can make it less inviting for them. But if you mulch, they will be attracted to the good hiding places. Keeping a clean garden by careful weeding and removal of debris would help some.


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There is no way to snakeproof any outdoor area but removing their prey items (rodents) and their habitat (debris and weeds) will reduce their numbers. What kind of snake was it? Copperhead? Rattlesnake?

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Water Moccasin.... I guess with the lack of water we had been getting the snake was looking for water and a cool place. WE got a rain yesterday. I have been looking under every zuc, bean ,pepper, or any other plant and have not seen it again, so I hope it was passing through(I am still not letting my boys go to the garden without me ............(HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF PUTTING MOTH BALLS OR SOMETING OUT TO PREVENT THEM THANKS

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