Bush beans in Pacific NW

plantslayer(8)July 18, 2009

I planted out pole beans here in Seattle around early-mid May, and am just now seeing blossoms set tiny pods. I am very happy with the plants (GW member Luong sent me the seeds last winter!), and I am sure a good crop is on the way.

Now I am wondering now whether I can try to get two crops next year, by growing bush beans before pole beans. Does anyone has a lot of experience growing bush beans in the Pacific Northwest? In particular, how soon can I get away with planting them, assuming I use clear plastic or black plastic mulch to warm the soil up?

Thanks for the advice!

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Sure, getting an early crop with bush beans is great. Just remember, you have to bend down to pick them - don't plant more than your back can survive picking! I grow them in wide beds, planting 3 rows 18 inches apart, which grows together into a solid mass. You can get a lot of beans in a little space that way. I like "Venture" blue lake type for earliness, quality, and heavy yields.

Trying to plant earlier than you did with the pole beans this year is a bit of a gamble. Purple podded beans tend to be more cold-tolerant, you might try them for an extra-early crop. "Royalty Purple Pod" is good, but they get strings if you don't pick them real young; I like "Purple Queen", which is stringless but not as widely available (Ed Hume used to carry them, I haven't checked lately).

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