Moving w. Iris aka my babies

janinecollette(6 NJ)November 16, 2008

HI All! I live in NJ zone 6 and will be moving to a new house in December. Needless to say, my iris will be coming with me! Do you think it's alright to dig them up and replant them in December? I'm planning on taking them out, potting them up and planting them within a week of digging them. THey should make it right? My only concern is that it's December already. Any help is appreciated! :)

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marvine(z7/8 GA)

Being as you are putting them in pots, I guess that means you have left the soil ball on - if so, I would certainly go ahead and plant them. They should do fine. Marvin E.

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janinecollette(6 NJ)

Thanks so much Marvin! :)

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mike_g_(Zone 5b OH)

Guessing you still will be in NJ I would leave them in pots till the ground thaws in the spring. They would be less likely to have a freeze / thaw problem.

Mike G

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janinecollette(6 NJ)

HI THERE! Marvin, I just wanted to let you know I replanted my iris in December of last year after the move and I am happy to tell you I have tons of new growth!! Looks like they made it! They prob won't bloom this year, however, I'm happy they are still alive! :)

Also, I didn't get the chance to plant ALL of them, so I left about 10 huge clumps in large totes in the garage(uncovered of course) and would you believe they shot up new growth as well? Probably because they had most of the dirt still attached. I just grew them in the garden yesterday, so we will see how they do! :)

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marvine(z7/8 GA)

I'm so glad for that good report. Iris just refuse to die from neglect, so it seems. A lady gave me a box of those old "cemetary" iris about 4 years ago and I never got around to planting them. They are still in that cardboard box sitting under a fig bush, and they are growing. Also, there are a lot of them growing "over the fence" where I just threw them to get rid of them. That's why I love iris.

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I don't think you can kill an iris intentionally. I moved in October a few years ago. Dug, cleaned, boxed and labeled my iris for planting in the new yard. Well by the time I had gotten any beds ready for them they had been in my dad's garage for over a year. I unboxed these dried up things and decided all that could happed is they would not grow, but might as well try. GOT BLOOMS THE NEXT SPRING.

Trying it again this year, got carried away last spring ordering iris, and a box got buried on my front porch, and I just found it. OOOPS. Keeping my fingers crossed for signs of life.

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