Digging Stella D'Oro daylilies

graywings123July 13, 2013

I walked down my favorite street last week to find that some 30 linear feet of blooming Stellas had been mowed down. I was heartsick - they made me smile just walking by.

Obviously these are unwanted lilies. If I dig up a clump and transplant them immediately, will they live to sprout next year? How deep do I have to dig? Could I take a long, sharp knife and cut, say, half a clump to take away?

FYI: They are not on private land.

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Yes, they'd be fine. I don't think anyone has ever managed to kill a Stella d'Oro. They're really a work horse plant. I'd opt for a sharp spade since you will have to dig down (at least 6 inches) and under a bit. I'm just not sure a sharp knife would slice through the clumps so a piece could be lifted, but a pruning saw would work.

Stellas grow so quickly, in a couple of seasons you'd have your own good sized clump to divide. I have to divide mine every two years - they get the size of a bushel basket.

As to whether or not these mown down plants are for the taking, I can't say - perhaps the block has a new not so skilled maintenance person or the planting scheme is to be changed anyway.

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Thank you!

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