growing seeds under lights......

farmingvillefarmer(East Coast zone 7)October 16, 2008

Ok Ive read many and heard many different things about starting seeds under lights. Well I need some simple answers. A friend of mine says normal flourecent bulbs will do the trick, he says to place 2 four foot long light fixtures side by side for a total of four bulbs over each seed tray. Also I need to know what type of soil is best to start with? After the flowers start to grow i plan on transplanting them into say 5 inch pots or so. My friend has a farm stand and wants me to try selling some things there so ill be growing many flowers. I'll also try my hand at winter sowing. I have Zinnia, Marigold, Columbine, Snapdragon, Coleus, Reubeckia, Calendula and many other types of flowers. I just need a few tips here on how to start what types of trays? soil etc.? Thank you all

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I don't really have a lot of input on trays, I don't really give them much thought. I just tend to buy whatever is cheap and will do the job.

For soil everyone's got a favorite recipe. I like a good potting mix as a base and I'll add in 25-30% perlite for aeration and drainage and about 10% worm castings if I can get them, but don't put anything even remotely strong in the mix in terms of fertilizers. Seedlings can't take it.

The lights are correct, some T5 or T8 florescent fixtures will work fine. More is better, T5 is better than T8, and I'd alternate warm light and daylight bulbs in them.

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