white acre pea plants

Shelly_N_FlJuly 7, 2011

I am new to gardening and I desided to grow some white acre peas. I planted in late April and my plants are doing Great !!! they have grown very well and are blooming and produceing pea pods. But on some on the plants they have vine like stems (The best way I know to describe them) growing extreming long and winding and tangleing themself into the next row over. I am wondering if I can trim these long stems back or will it hurt the production of my peas?

When I bought the seeds the man at the store told me they where bush type. Thank You for any advice

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You might be able to cut them off and eat them. I've read that pea shoots are a delicacy.

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White Acre will send out a few runners but they seldom go very far. If you want a secondary crop, This is where they grow. If you are happy with the first set, then you can remove the runners with minimal damage to the plant.

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If White Acre is a cowpea, rather than a pea, I withdraw the suggestion to eat the shoots. Pea shoots are edible, I don't know if cowpea tendrils are.

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farmerdill, you are making me jealous looking at that big ol bucket of white acre peas. They are by far my favorite field pea. Nothing even comes close to their taste.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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