Just a few more lilies - pictures & ID help

leslie197(z5 MI)July 29, 2006

These orientals just opened this week - the white one is White Horse from Dutch Gardens, the bottom one some sort of Stargazer type, anyone have any idea about the pale violet? I've had it maybe 5 years. It increases well for me (one of the few orientals that does increase for me), is a little on the short side with quite large blooms - larger than any other I grow. The true color is a bit more violet than the pink cast the picture shows. Any ideas?? I'd like to buy more.

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Leslie,

How tall does your second (pale pink fading to white) lily get? It looks like Aruba which gets about a foot taller than Stargazer. Seller's list it as 5', mine which are in part shade get to 6+'.

But Aruba looks a lot like Marco Polo (and I think they are sometimes mislabeled). Many Marco Polo listings show some darker freckling, whereas Aruba doesn't but then other listings show Marco Polo without, such as Brent and Becky's which sold it this last spring.

BDlilies include the "freckles" in its Marco Polo description, they also note that it blooms in July and is about 3' high. My Aruba bloom after Stargazer (which with my hot summers is late July but elsewhere would be August).

BDlilies description of Marco Polo
Lily Bulb #L-7497 - Icy pink, crinkled edged, 8-10 inch blossoms with a splattering of tiny red dots, are garden grown to perfection in light afternoon shade, or full sun in coastal and cooler climates. Terrific in all areas, this is the lily of choice for stunning flower arrangements in Japan and Europe. Spicy-sweet fragrance lingers on for days. 3 Feet. July.

If you look at Dave's Garden for Marco Polo the first few pictures look like Aruba while the bottom picture (from Wallaby1) has the freckles. If you look at the Aruba pictures the situation is reversed.


I think these two lilies are hopelessly mixed up by sellers and buyers alike! But if yours are taller and later blooming than Stargazer then you've got whatever I've got! :)

For those who like this lily Van Engelen has Aruba for sale this Fall.


Here is a link that might be useful: Van Engelen's Aruba

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Crazy_Gardener(Z2b AB Canada)

Your second photo looks like Expression.

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi again Leslie,

In my first post I left out that Expression is also very similar to Aruba and Marco Polo.

Since yours do not have the small reddish spots (like Marco Polo) and are not tall like Aruba (sorry, I missed reading that yours are "a little on the short side") I agree with crazy gardener that its probably Expression.

For Expression The Lily Register lists a stem height of 1.0 meter, spots variable (none to many), and yellowish-white papillae covering 2/3rds of the petal.

For Marco Polo The Lily Register lists a stem height of 1.15 meter, small reddish spots inside the throat, and doesn't mention white papillae.

Aruba's height of 5 feet distinguishes it fairly definitively from these two.

We aren't the first to tussle with the Marco Polo/Expression/Aruba ID. I found this site when I was trying to identify mine.


Here is a link that might be useful: Expression, Aruba, or Marco Polo

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leslie197(z5 MI)

Thanks Crazy Gardener and Helen. It really sounds like it is Expression - anyway I'm going to try that one and see if it grows as well as the ones I have now, which are really quite short compared to everything else blooming at this time. So Thanks again, Leslie

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