Are my CFLs not doing the trick?

Z3n_6ArdEn3ROctober 10, 2011

Alright, let me tell you a little bit about my setup first. I am growing in a 2'x3'x4' box that is lined with mylar paper. The box is ventilated very well with case fans at the bottom drawing air in and case fans exhausting out the top. I also have 2 small fans that provide a cross-breeze for the plants to aid in pollination. My hydro setup is the DWC "Emily's Garden". I am growing jalapeno and habanero plants and they seem to be very healthy and have tons of big, dark green leaves. They are about 10" and 8" respectively and they have started to put on tons of blooms in the last few weeks (Jalapenoz have been blooming for about 3 weeks and Habaneros about 2). Now that sounds great and no problems should happen right? WRONG!!!... I have noticed that the blooms keep falling off even after hand pollination. I have narrowed it down to either the lighting I have is not sufficient or the nutrient solution is all jacked up.

Since this is the lighting forum I will only ask about that in this thread. I have a 4x2ft T5 fixture with (4) 3500K tubes that is above my plants on yoyo pulleys and a single 2ft T5 fixture with a 6400K bulb underneath for the under canopy.

Is this enough light for my poor peppers or do I need to add more light? Different spectrum? HIDs?...I really don't want to do HID in such a small box because I don't feel like engineering a cooling tube apparatus to exhaust the excess heat... but if needed I will contemplate the switch. Please help me... Any advice is appreciated.

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A 150w hps covers 2'x2' area, you may need more lighting. sounds like your ventillation can handle a 150w hps, you should consider getting one. What fertilizer are you using? even if you have a 3part w micro and macro nutrients you still may need added calcium to stop blossem end rot, which what could be happening. Even if they do bloom to fruit the fruit will be very small with your current lighting, lettuce would thrive in there though.

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