Potted Oriental's after the bloom

mdkorpiJuly 27, 2007

I received 3 beautiful potted Mona Lisa Orientals for my birthday. Well, I don't want to plant them here in Minnesota when we will be moving next spring to North Carolina. I want them there. What should I do with them?? How cold of storage do they need for winter? We are zone 3. I have an unheated entry but it gets REALLY cold here. Could the pots be wrapped with anything? I know I have lots of questions. I have never had this type of flower before and I just love it. They are so pretty and fragrant. Thanks for any help!!

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Mdkorpi,

Lilies need to be at 40 degrees or lower for a few months to vernalize.

Being really cold won't hurt lilies, as long as they get there gradually and don't suffer too wide of temperature swings. Depending on when you are moving, the easiest thing would be to plant them now and dig them up when you move. Don't separate the bulbs just toss the whole root ball into the ground. That will make it easier to dig them up in the Spring, (the rootball should be pretty much intact). You can space them properly when you get to NC. If you're afraid your ground will be too frozen to dig up - I'd try making an oversize hole and put a layer of mulch on the bottom and sides - and then plant the rootball and put a layer of mulch on top (and keep an eye out for heaving).

If you'd like to store them over the winter, this Fall put your bulbs in just moist peat moss and store in your fridge's veggie drawer. But, leave the veggies out (ripening fruit and veggies can be a problem for the bulbs). While bulbs get frozen in nature without ill effects, its generally not advised to put them in your freezer. If the link doesn't work search the lily forum for "do not put flower bulbs in the freezer".


Here is a link that might be useful: freezing bulbs

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