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JatesOctober 19, 2012

Currently have a small setup in the basement that allows me to have a small winter garden. I'm most concerned that I am not giving my plants enough light. set up the 6 shop lights with 6500k cfl bulbs. I added Mylar around the edge to reflect the light back inwards towards the plants. I wanted to give the plants everything I could.

I'm still worried that the light will not be enough. I'd like to keep the area about 18" from the lights so I have an area to work. Do I need to add more light or is my only option to move they plants closer to the light source.

Or, is there another light I could be using in order to keep the spacing. I'm not worried about fruiting or flowering, just keeping the plants from becoming too thin and spindally.

Thanks for any info!

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buy yourself a cheap light meter - this will reveal all -

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