Is my setup good enough? (For orchids and carnivorous plants)

Dante1709October 15, 2013

I'm currently growing a Nepenthes ventricosa as well as Nepenthes maxima x talangensis seeds (that haven't germinated for about a month, which is typical) under lights, by a window.

I was a bit concerned because of the light that it gets. It's a SE window with a total of 2000 watts along with reflective surface in a 20-gallon terrarium.The plants are 5 inches under the lights. I'm concerned because the weak lights, and because the window is above the terrarium ; only a few strong rays shine everyday. The ventricosa is fine ; grows new leaves quite fast but only has one pitcher..

I'm getting an Oncidium twinkle and I'll probably end up adding pings, sundews, phals and paphs.

Because of the size of the terrarium, I was thinking about changing my setup.. Would a unblocked, East (bordering North-East, although it does get some sun) with a table stretched out be enough? I was thinking about adding around 5000 lumens (with a two-bulb 48" fluorescent) as supplemental lighting and keeping the nepenthes and paph. in the terrarium.

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