Cathedral Windows

Steve Massachusetts Zone 5bJune 10, 2012

My Cathedral Windows looks a bit different from how it looked last year and different from the pics in the Library.

Here's last year's plant in August.

Here's a picture of this year's version.

It seems that as it has gotten older the middle has gotten smaller. The pattern is the same just diminished. Please post your pics of CW. I'm interested in knowing if this is a common maturation pattern for this Hosta.



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Interesting, Steve. I am seeing it looking similar to the Guacamole and Holy Mole and Emerald Charger I have--the question of similar/better/10 foot ID was puzzling me, so out I went in my plastic clogs to see how many I had alike.
However, cannot speak for mature characteristics, since all of mine are in their first year.

Hope I do not push this down the list, because it is a good question deserving a response. I'm liking that spot of brightness in the middle of the dark leaves, and I have a liking for the look. Stained Glass definitely has a small margin of dark green, with the interior the bright gold.

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I was just looking at my similar hosta, and want you to notice this one.....Emerald Charger

Look similar to your Cathedral Windows this year?

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First I have to say I love love love this hosta. It's the first one up usually without spring dessication(except this year!) and it grows awesome, Almost like instant gratification.

The first pic it looks pretty beat up maybe that is why it looks different. Maybe when it loses it's gloss by Aug the center shows more or "melts" more, like an optical illusion? Mine looks the same every year but then mine is in only 3 hrs sun. Plus I don't take pics in Aug so I'm not on top of things when it comes to what it looks like in the later months. Some of the leaves on mine get a more narrow center, just "nature of the beast"???
This is june 2010

This is mine last year june 28 2011(don't pay attention to the time stamp!)

this year on the way right crappy pic but the only one I have right now

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Mine was new last year, so I can't speak to maturity. I thought it was slow. It still only has about 5 leaves. Yet, Aly says her's is fast. Hmmmm...more fertilizer?


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Could it be that it lightens up during the season? While I don't have Cathedral Windows, I do have Avocado, which is very similar, and mine comes up a shiny green and brightens up during early spring/summer.

Seeing all these pics, though, helps me realize that I probably don't need both Avocado and Cathedral Windows...

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Interesting discussion--I should be receiving my Cathedral Windows today--though it probably won't get planted until the rain storm passes overhead. (Sure is dark out there right now--at 9:00 in the morning!)


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Here is a pic of mine,second year coming up. Phil

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The more I look at these pics the more I am wondering if the plant really ever was Cathedral windows. Even the first pic doesn't seem to have as wide a center that mine or Phil's seems have.

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Here is mine from today. This was one of the condolence hostas I bought myself in 2010 after hail destroyed everything in late June. I love this hosta- the growth rate, the form, and the fact that it pumps out leaves for a long time. It's relative, Stained Glass was one of the only hostas in my garden to put out enough new growth after the hail to actually look halfway decent that summer.

I'll have to pay attention to the size of the center as it matures.

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Here is a 2011 picture of a single eye division I took off my Cathedral Windows in 2010. It gets a fair amount of sun and is really doing well. It is definitely increasing at a faster rate than the parent plant that is in shade with only a bit of morning sun. I think the green edges are darker too.


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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Mine is grown in a lot of sun,right by my driveway, so maybe that's the difference. If there's one thing I've noticed over the years,it's that no ones hosta grows exactly the same,due to climate,sun,soil,and other variables. All my hostas are in native red clay,but due to leaves falling on the ground every year,it is nothing like just plain red clay. The soil has lots of earthworms,and grows everything well. Phil

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