Identify this iris?

Lily_Kay(5)November 2, 2013

Can anyone identify this iris? I purchased 5 acres that I have found out had an old log cabin. I rescued about 200 rhizomes from a shady area by a road where I imagine they had been abandoned for years. I'm sure they had been run over and mowed many times. I discovered them when I saw one bloom--this is the pic of it. In their new home, they all bloomed.

I have a second type of iris that was with these, but probably only about 5 of them. I will post that pic separately. I am in the very SW corner of VA.

Also, got lots of pods of seeds. Probably because I put in raised bed with mostly composted horse manure. Any advice on getting the seeds to germinate? I saw one place that said it may take 2 to 3 years. Yikes!

I am new to this iris business, but excited that my 200 rhizomes have been quite prolific. I am hoping to give many to friends and relatives as a way of sharing my new love. ( I grew up with irises, but am new to growing them myself.)

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

This is a difficult color for cameras. To get a possible id you will need to take pictures of it, from different angles, as it unfurls its petals. Also measure the height from ground to top of the uppermost bloom. There is also the possibility it's not a named cultivar.

It is a very handsome Louisiana, probably from the 1960's.

Some that resemble yours
Eolian - 42 inches, Arny'67
Pegaletta - 36 inches, Holleyman'63
Puttytat - Arny'68 (pic at daves garden)

less resemblance but who knows?
Gabriel's Love - 35 inches, Haymon'88
Jeri - 38 inches, Bertinot'84 (dark purple)
New Dimensions - 31 inches, Taylor'89 has changed their website so the pictures from May 2011 are not there (or I couldn't find them). But if you get a good picture of the opened flower they may be able to help.

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Many thanks, Iris_Gal!

I didn't measure the tallest bloom, but did measure the height of the plants as well over 40 inches. This is after the rescue. And I was amazed at the size of the rhizomes. As you know, I am new at this; but the rhizomes that I planted were about the diameter of a AA battery with not a lot of root. When I dug them this fall, they were the diameter of a D cell battery and a very dense root system. I did water them faithfully for several weeks after the rescue and I used a fertilizer that is supposed to be especially for transplants/root development.

This is a pic of the blooms this summer--after rescue last fall.

I see you have a second message for me. Can't wait to get to that one!

You obviously put a lot of time and effort into your research for my iris. Thanks much!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

You're welcome!

That's the height needed! (don't need flower height). Sometimes height can rule out a few. Good for you for noting it.

The main identifying clue on this one is it's signal. That little yellow arrow surrounded by darker pigment. Exactly where a beard would be if it were a bearded.

5 acres! Nice!

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

It looks a lot like Dorothea K. Williamson. She is a Louisiana Iris which I obtained in trade from Mad Gallica.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Here's a resource to check for pictures. Again, colors can be off.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks, Iris_Gal.

My unpracticed eye says that the standards (that's the ones that point down, right?) are "pointy" rather than rounded. I haven't found any that look just like mine. Some are same color--or close--but don't have that pointy look.

I'll post an update if I come across similar.

If I don't find anything--and no one else does either--does that mean that I have a "new variety" or a survivor of an "old variety". Or does it mean nothing at all! LOL

In any case, I will love my irises! And I will plant my seeds and try to see if there is a hybrid among them.

You have been most generous with your time and it has been very encouraging to me. Thank you.


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

One last post on this. Standards up, Falls down.

Unless it's a 'flattie' (called 'cartwheel' in Louisianas).

Hope to see a picture this spring when your flower is fully opened. Cheers.

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Well. That just shows how much I know!!! LOL

Thanks. I don't think mine is a flattie.

I think that my iris is something different. I don't really know what that means--if anything--but I haven't seen anything like it. The pointy falls seem to make it different.

Have a great winter! We are hoping for snow here in the SW corner of VA. We love it! Both retired. We can enjoy it. I would not wish for it--because of the problems it causes for school busses and commuters--but since I cannot "cause" it anyway, I just enjoy it when it happens.

Take care.


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