This is the second iris

Lily_Kay(5)November 2, 2013

Sorry. I realize I posted this to wrong forum.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Do you have a sharper close-up? If not, this spring take another side picture which shows the haft veins like this one does and one straight on showing beard details. Measure height from ground to top of uppermost flower (this will at least determine if it is a tall bearded or an intermediate). Note the color of the beard. Orange and yellow can photograph differently.

Take a look at pictures of 'Rhein Nixe' (Goos'24).

Do you know how long this one has been in place? Very pretty! Love the domed standards. That seems to have been bred out of the moderns. Shame.

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Height of all is over 40 inches--maybe 42-46 inches. I didn't specifically measure height of bloom.

I know that there was a log cabin on the property at one time, but I suspect that this particular garden was put in after the farm house across road was built--and prior to the road being there. I'm guessing the house is 100 years old.

It appeared that it may have been a rock garden. It's hard to tell because this is naturally a very rocky area. I did find a garden that would probably have been in front of the log cabin that was outlined with rocks. A few daffodils, but mostly very soft thin grassy area that was obviously cultivated.

I mention the log cabin because I thought these may have been transplanted from there.

My guess is that these plants have been in this location 60 years or more. Just a guess, mind you.

And because of the awful location I took them from, I don't think that this iris had bloomed for quite sometime. I've been here almost 5 years now and only saw the one bloom of the Louisiana type year before last I think it was.

I don't know if this pic is any better. I may find a better one later on. I reduced the size of the file so that it would upload here.

Thanks again for your help on this. There is so much to know about irises.

Did I tell you that I got lots of pods this year? Not sure what to do with the seeds. Let me know if you want rhizomes or seeds. I'll be happy to share! However, I'm not sure that I can distinguish which plants are the bearded ones. Maybe. Their leaves are a little thicker and broader, I think.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Good. 40 inches plus is exactly what we need (can vary year to year ) -- puts this iris in the Tall Bearded class.

The difference between beardeds and non-beardeds (Louisiana, Spuria, Japanese, Siberians) is that fuzzy yellow caterpillar-like growth on the falls (lower petals).

The camera has captured a violet-purple color on the falls. 'Rhine Nixe' pictures I have seen photograph as more purple than violet. But you can download some pictures of it and compare when yours reblooms again. At worst you can rule out one more name in your search! Good luck. It sure is a pretty one and if I had more room I'd take you up on your offer. I'll look at tall beardeds from the 60's and report if I see any suspects. :-)

Great find!

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When I searched by name, I came up with this one:

Just looking at images on my screen--not top quality monitor--colors look same to me. However, veining on my iris seems more pronounced, which I like, and the beard on mine seems a bit longer, which I like. The top white part, it's hard to see in the other image. Looks like mine is less translucent and has slight purple veining. But, like I say, it's hard to tell on the screen.

Also, as you mentioned, mine has domed standards. (That's the ones that fall down, right?) Now I'm calling it "my" iris!

Thanks for your help! This iris hunting is exciting! Like treasure hunting!

Best wishes. If you change your mind on wanting rhizomes or seeds, just let me know! I'm planning to share with as many others as possible.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

The Standers are are the ones that Stand up! The Falls are the ones that are down. If you google Iris terminology it will help you understand the Iris language.

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