Fluorescent Lighting

Matter921(4)October 16, 2013

This may be a naive question, but in my research I couldn't find a good answer. When fluorescent bulbs are said to work for growing and starting plants, are these just normal bulbs, or are they specialized? Do normal compact fluorescent bulbs cover enough of the spectrum to work for starting small numbers of seedlings? Thanks for the help!

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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

I've got a 120w Sylvania Spot-Gro. Had it for so long sitting on the shelves that the light blue sprayed color has been coming off. Hmm. It makes me wonder if I could get a translucent or transparent blue spray that I could use some 4' fluorescent lights that I've already got. Total: 9 (40w tubes).

I suppose that I'd need to set up 2 ballasts making a total of 40w x 4 tubes = 160w of light. 1 ballast would hold 2 tubes making 80w of grow light.

I'm just looking to get some seedlings up, not for any blooms, since they are seeds from trees. I suppose the same thing could be done if I used a blue plastic sheeting. It would have to be farther from the light so it wouldn't melt.

Of course, then, it's a matter of going through the trouble to find the blue translucent/transparent spray paint and actually spraying it. However, there's no other purpose here for them. I also realize that I'm going through a lot of trouble...

It's a girl thing.... determined to make it work. So, you guys be nice in your answers.


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