My first indoor garden.

ozzz(5b AZ)October 28, 2009

This was a little project from last year I grew in a spare bathroom in my apartment, under a 400w HPS ;)

My very first time growing anything green .... EVER. Turned out pretty good, got quite a few tomatoes and bell peppers in the middle of winter, and all the fresh basil and lettuce I could chew on.

Heres some determinant type tomato plants, early girl and totem hybrid I believe:

Then I switched to indeterimant early girl, fantastic hybrid, and sweet cherry tomato plants in the shower, then put the determinant tomato plants out on the floor along with some upcomming bell pepper plants, a peach habanero plant (the one from my other thread in fact) and a lettuce bin. Oh, and lets not forget the basil bush.

Who says you cant grow a jungle under a 400 watt HPS in a 5'x8' bathroom ... HA!!

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

That's a great use for an extra bathroom. Most people don't have enough.

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Is that a regular HPS bulb or one of the special ones with a wider spectrum? If blue objects look black under the light, then it probably is a regular HPS bulb.

Just to experiment, you might try replacing your HPS bulb with a Philips Ceramic Metal Halide bulb which uses the same ballast and socket:

Philips CMH Bulbs

Many growers claim that these are better.

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ozzz(5b AZ)

Its a regular HPS, a cheapo at that ...... and Im happy with it for now ...

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i like it! I am currently running 8 t-5s for about a year now and am looking to expand to help flower some of my plants year round and expand into citrus... i go back and forth with 400 or 600 but these results are very impressive and it looks like you had a lot of fun in the process!

thanks for the pics they are always fun!

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Outstanding work!

Do you ever put them outside or is it 100% indoors for, you?

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Where did you get your growing light? Was it expensive?

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ozzz(5b AZ)

HTG supply .... 400watt HPS for $119

Google it!

I bought a 250 from them as well that Im using now on a peach habanero plant in a closet.

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