What's Your Favorite 'Fragrant' Lily?

gardenklutz(NC 7)July 15, 2005

I love growing Stargazer Lily but I'm a little overwhelmed by it's fragrance. When I bring them indoors the scent is almost too strong. I would love to know what some of your favorite "pleasant" smelling lillies are.

Anyone care to list their favorites?

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Try "Orania" it has a fruity fragrance.
Many of the Trumpet lilies also have fragrance which are not as strong as some of the orientals. Another one to try would be the oriental "Rosario" .. it smells like candy and bloom very early for an oriental. Finally you can try "Henry's Surprise" a yellow spotted asiatic lily (one of the few asiatics which has a scent).. It smell like cream.. umm !!!

Orania (OT)

Several Orienpet lilies have pleasent smells because they get their smells from either or both the orientals and trumpets

This is the asiatic "Henry's Surprise"..Smells like Cream

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cailinriley(z3 Calgary AB)

I'm growing 'Amarone' for the first time. I've seen it listed as Asiatic, but it has the most amazing fragrance...like an oriental, but not as intense. I love burying my nose in the blooms, despite the pollen! I've done a google search, but none of the resources mention a scent for 'Amarone'. I bought it in bulk from a large discount warehouse type store. I hope it wasn't mislabelled. The blooms look like the photos on the 'net. I don't have photos of 'Amarone', but I've included a link.

I'd love to know if anyone else has noticed a fragrance on these incredible blooms. And, living in a very cold zone, I'm anxious to hear about any other scented Asiatics. I will be looking for 'Henry's Surprise'. Thanks for the tip, kd.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Can you give a supplier for Orania...I don't see it listed in my wholesale bulb catalogs. Thanks. Ann

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AdamM321(MA z5/6)


I have Casa Blanca lily and it is very fragrant. Maybe a little too fragrant. :-)

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cailinriley(z3 Calgary AB)


I know of two sources for 'Orania'. Both are Canadian suppliers, but they ship to the U.S. Check out their on-line catalogues if you are interested.

Valley K Greenhouses:
--click on orienpets

S-W Gardens:
--click on Div VIII interdivisional hybrids

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hld6(z7 MD)

In addition to the Orienpets, L.O. lilies have a lighter more tropical (less spicy) scent than the Orientals. Elegant Lady is a beautiful pink L.O. which having doubled up on the "L" has the trumpet shape of an easter lily and the pink color and earlier flowering of the Rubellum. It's Longiflorum X (Longiflorum X Rubellum). Mystery_Gardener has posted some really nice photos of it.

John Scheepers is selling Orania 5/$8.75. Though some complain about "mislabeling" and other service problems with them. The Lily Garden also sells them at a more expensive price. But their product is the highest quality.


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My favorite one is an Oriental Lilly named Starfighter...Its deep fuschia, pink and white..I wish I could show a pic...but ...cant...Just believe me when I say the smell and beauty make it my most prized flowers of the year...Thanks to my Ex who bought them to say thanks for raising our beautiful daughter to match the beauty of a flower. Karen

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BLC63(z7 Raleigh NC)

Of the three I have for immediate comparison, the Casablanca has the "sweetest" smell, and I think I like it the best.

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One vigorous lily I love for it's light scent and elegant blooms is Lilium x 'Black Beauty'. It is readily available and one of the best lilies ever bred!

I've heard reports of mature specimens carrying over 50+ blooms and buds. Talk about flower power!!



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Thanks for the sources, cailinriley.

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

I agree that Stargazer can be a bit 'overwhelming' indoors. I enjoy Casablanca and Muscadet for fragrance with the Orientals. I have been wanting to try Oriana for a few years now. I believe White Flower Farm offers it here in the U.S.

One of my all-time favorites is the lilium Candidum....Madonna Lily..that one just sends me...wonderful fragrance, flowers early for me..June. People houses away come and say they could smell it during the night and followed their noses to my garden. Have fun...JoAnn

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Mero Star is my absolute fave!

I also love the 'clove' overtones of Red Hot.

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anniew, for Orania, try Ednie. I got mine there this year, and planted some in the display garden, and they were true to name. The bulbs were excellent. It is a wholesale business only. I have had such good luck with them, the owner Jeffrey has been fantastic. www,ednieflowerbulbs.com. It looks like they have not yet put their fall items on the website, so it says sold out for Orania, but I suspect that was just for the spring. Polly

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I was looking at the Scheepers Orienpets. http://www.johnscheepers.com/catview.cgi?_fn=Product&_category=Lilies:Orienpet

Does anyone know if Satisfaction smells as good as Orania and Red Hot?

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magazinewriter(z5 Mich)

I love the fragrence of my Le Reve lilies. They also have very strong stalks and never have to be staked.

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For wonderful smell, I just don't think you can beat the Stargazer series. But then, I've never smelled Oriana, and plan on acquiring it for that reason.


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I had people "oohing & aahing" at church this morning when they smelled 2 bouquets I brought which had Orania, Red Hot, Anaconda (cantaloupe colored trumpet) and an unknown hot pink oriental (mixed with other kinds of flowers). Our first year with Orienpets and Aurelian Trumpet hybrids. Can't wait to see & smell the orientals that are about to bloom soon! BTW, beautiful photos and great lilies you are growing! :0) Phyl

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