Supplemental lighting for outdoor balcony

edh87(7a - Durham, NC)November 16, 2012

Hi friends,

My balcony sucks. It faces west and is in the woods. It gets some sun, but definitely not a lot. I've got my heart set on growing veggies there until I can move to a new apartment (likely July). Can I hang a 4 foot shop light from the roof of my balcony (the floor of the balcony above me) for supplemental light? Will the rain kill the fixture and/or electrocute me/my friends? Do they make outdoor/rain-proof shop light fixtures?

Thank you!


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I have no idea about the electrical side of it but a couple of questions come to mind.

1. Are you allowed to screw things into the upstairs neighbour's balcony?
2. Will the neighbours be bothered by your lights blazing away in a woodland area?
3. What do you want to grow and is this the right time of year to be planting it?

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edh87(7a - Durham, NC)

Thanks for the help! I don't know if I'm technically allowed to screw things to the ceiling... lots of other people have hanging planters, so I assume so? I'm not planning on growing anything right now, just making plans for the spring. And I hadn't thought about how neighbors might feel about a random light in the woods... It would just be during daylight hours, but probably still pretty annoying.

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