The box o'heuchies arrived...with a BONUS

esther_bJune 19, 2014

The box o'heuchies I ordered from HostasDirect arrived today, a day early! I was expecting some sort of goodie thrown in due to the size of the order.

They did not disappoint. Which extra heuchie did they send along with Rio, Paprika, Vienna, Peach Flambe, and Midas Touch? Was it Palace Purple? Peppermint? Sweet Tart? Christa?

NONE of the above. In fact, it wasn't even a heuchie.

A fine little specimen of the HOSTA Wheee! was nestled among the heuchies. I could not believe my eyes. Wheee!

I immediately called my Brooklyn friend to tell her that the heuchies arrived, a day before expected, and asked when on Sunday I was expected at her residence to plant all the flora I had accrued for her over the past several weeks.

She could not believe the deals I had made to get 24 Wave petunias in assorted colors, 4 giant red geraniums, a dozen beautiful large celosias, 2 gorgeous variegated ivies, and 2 nice "spike" dracenas, all for less than $33, to fill the planters on her porch wall. This bargain hunting was to make up for the rather healthy invoice for the hostas and heuchies I ordered for her garden.

I've seen Wheee! avidly discussed on this forum. What, in a nutshell, do I need to know about Wheee! ?

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I'm happy for you. Whee has very ruffled narrowed leaves with a white margin on the leaves, Brandi has posted photos of hers, and she loves it. Check Hosta Library for photos. It is an attention getter!


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I have not purchased Whee because of the lackluster performance of Ripple Effect in my sister's garden and elsewhere. However, now that I've seen a small clump on the AHS garden tours, It's on "the list". Picture from the tour attached.

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Esther, in the beginning I thought Wheee! was another overhyped new plant soon to be forgotten. It is proving me wrong. It maintains a strong presence in the garden from the very first, with outstanding twisty eyes emerging in the spring, and always with curls and frills even down the petioles. What a show and what a durable plant. It grows well in a container too. Does not lose its variegation like some do in a pot (the undulatas do that in my garden).

Here it is:
May 2012

May 2013

APRIL 2014

...and the end of May 2014, showing how it darkens but holds the edges and ruffles

It is a lovely plant. When you put it in a spot to view the underside, it is quite an impressive hosta.

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Its just a happy plant.

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Either way you look at it.....


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