Building a Dream Auction

mbug_gwJune 26, 2013

Just received a beautiful Obsession from the Building a Dream in the Country Auction

Love it already. Any location suggestions?

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Oh now you've gone and done it. . That plant draws me back again and again . . .It speaketh to me. . .lolol
It reminds me of silk and I want to run my fingers over it. Here is an older picture of my Obsession. I was going to take some of her this afternoon but we had a cluster of thunderstorms that ran me in the house.

I really hate to say it but I have mine placed badly as far as ground is concerned. As well as she's doing there I am slow to move her. .lol Early morning sun and high shade the rest of the day keeps her happy.

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I can only hope to have her look as good as yours. It almost looks like a 3D pic she is going to pop through the screen.
Thanks for the inspiration!

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My Obsession is in its second year. It was really deep deep silky green until the weather turned hot and humid. Now it may be a bit bleached with the sun as high in the sky as it is. I like the thick leaves on it, which drape more than being crispy and stiff.

I recommend early morning sun and afternoon shade for this one.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Love the veining on this plant. Mbug, that was a great buy. It should grow up into a beautiful plant like Sidney's. Even better you contributed to the over $15,000 that was raised towards building an accessible house for the Spece family.

Nicely done,


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Thanks Steve. Love the veining and the deep dark green color on this plant too. It was heartening to see so many great donations in support of a good cause.
I won the bid on a Solar Flare also, but I'm still waiting for information on it.

Moc...thanks for the advice

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Glad to hear the auction went so well. We happened to be near In the Country, so I shopped there (and talked someone else into placing an order) instead.

They had a rough year - lots of things died over winter. I was disappointed not to get Frank Lloyd Wright, but have fallen in love with the Andorian I got instead. Could have sworn I'd taken a photo, will have to go get one.

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