buzzing ballast

beaubrummel37November 12, 2005

I bought a ballast from a retail store in Ohio; and

the ballast is a month old. The hum orginates at the

top end of the handle and you have to wedge something

between the ballast box and the handle to stop


I know ballasts normally hum but in this instance it's

rather a harsh sound.

I emailed Sun System as well:

I have a defective ballast(Sun System X Econogro

Remote Assembled Ballast); and I have a two year

warranty: Where do I send my ballast for repair or


The retailer I purchased the aforesaid product from

said I should send the product to you.????

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it is most likely becaues the ballas is not properly secured to the box or one of its components isnt.

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harvestmaster(z6 York PA)

The retailer should handle the warranty repair for you. Sunlight Supply, the manufacturer of Sun Systems, also has a loaner program the retailer should be aware of. If the retailer is unwilling to handle the repair or offer you a loaner, you need to find a new retailer.

Keep in mind, though, that the Econo Gro is a budget HID system, manufactured in China. Not trying to knock products made there, but as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

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