can you overdrive this ballast? B240R120RH

jmhewitt(8a Coastal NC)November 20, 2004

looked at a couple of Home Depots near here, and the clerk remarked that he didn't understand why ALL the shoplight boxes had been opened. we know, however! - nary an overdrivable ballast as discussed here to be found.

did find a ballast that maybe would work? B240R120RH

the link to the spec sheet is below.

I want to overdrive a 4' shoplight with 2 bulbs, so I guess I need 2 ballasts?

will these work?

TIA, Michael

Here is a link that might be useful: Spec Sheet for B240R120RH Ballast

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jmhewitt(8a Coastal NC)

since nobody is going to answer apparently, I took them the post can drift to the bottom....

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Sorry, but I could have offered an answer to your question before you took it back. I believe it was not an overdriveable ballast - so you did right taking it back.

I looked at the data sheet. The ballast is a Rapid-Start. The arrangement of wiring in their diagram does NOT correspond to any of the ballasts which I found were overdriveable.

I did try to overdrive a ballast that uses that same wiring scheme, but it did not work. I tried several possible wiring arrangements - to no avail. At least I didn't ruin my ballast.


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