Pink Perfection?

lesmcJuly 2, 2013

Not sure what this lily is but I know it is very tall! About 7 feet tall,leaning over smelling so so good. I really don`t know how to support these lilies...any ideas? Lesley

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Looks like 'Silk Road' to me, also known as 'Friso' when grown for export in Holland. It is gorgeous, hardy and reliable, although it does flop a bit more than other orienpet hybrids. I always see that it needs to be staked wherever it is grown.

My second year stems are 6.5 feet tall and have twice as many buds as last year. The stems are comparatively much thicker than last year, but the increased height and increased weight from more buds/blooms = staking necessary. Mine are still 1-2 weeks away from blooming.

Here are some lilies that so far, in spite of huge size, show NO signs of needing staking (knock on wood):

Miss Libby (OT)
Conca d'Or (OT)
Robina (OT)
Triumphator (LO)
El Condor (LO)
Scheherazade (OT)
Silver Scheherazade (OT)
Red Velvet (Asiatic)
Salmon Classic (LA)
Lilium martagon hybrids
Alchemy (OT)
Sarabande (OT)

Here are lilies in my garden which have already been staked or will be soon, regardless of whether or not they are blooming:

Lilium regale (species)
Leslie Woodriff (OT)
Karen North (Asiatic)
Eurydice (Asiatic)
Ariadne (Asiatic)
Peach Lace (Asiatic)
Antique Lace (Asiatic)
Caravan (OT)
Silk Road (OT)

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I'm glad to know Miss Libby stands up well on it's own, I've been eyeing that for a couple of years now. Have you had Silver Scheherazade long enough to know if it's as a good a performer as Scheherazade? My Conca d'Or has remained fairly short, I was hoping it would be a bit taller. Overall, I've noticed many of my lilies are much shorter this year. We've had abundant rain and chilly not just cool temps until the 2nd week of June. But I'm not complaining, it beat the drought and triple digit temps from last summer. Once we lost the chilly temps we moved right into summer with upper 80's to upper 90's. I could do without those 90's.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

My 'Silver Scheherazade' was planted in fall 2011, do this is my second full season with it. My bulbs are mixed in with regular 'Scheherazade' and I can't tell which is which. Both seem to be equally robust for me, all are taller with higher bud counts compared to first season (almost all plants have secondary buds this year), and stems are much sturdier.

Based on last year's performance, I can highly recommend 'Silver Scheherazade'. It is a beautiful and elegant lily.

For a somewhat similar look, but in a brighter white with a lovely fragrance and a slightly shorter plant, look into 'Carte Blanche'. Also excellent!

None of my orienpets have multiplied yet, but all have become taller and stronger with more buds. 'Conca d'Or' is a sturdy 5 footer for me; no staking needed for this one. I love this cultivar, but only half of my bulbs returned this season. They were driven over repeatedly by heavy equipment during a January thaw when a tree had to be removed and I think they were crushed and rotted. Sigh. I will probably replace them this fall. Such a wonderful yellow and such a wonderful fragrance!

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Thanks for the info, I love being enabled!

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