Is this set up ok?

farmingvillefarmer(East Coast zone 7)November 3, 2008

Ok I think I have this right, please let me know if this set up is ok or what i should do to improve it. I want to use Flourecent bulbs only. Ok so im thinking of buying these nice shelves from Home Depot. They are around 86 bucks, very strong and sturdy. HD has T12 light fixtures in which im told I can place T8 bulbs into. The fixture is 8 dollars and some change. The shelves are 4 feet wide so on 4 shelves i can place 4 trays each to start seeds. That's 48 plants per tray times 16 trays. Thats 700+ flowers on one shelf unit. Now if I have this right I have to place under each shelf 2 light fixtures for a total of 4 bulbs making it 8 fixtures per unit and 16 bulbs total per unit. What im hoping for is that this set up is good enough and that the plants will grow with these lights, or can I get away with one light fixture per shelf? ( I DOUBT ). I'm actually thinking of making 2 shelf units like this for over 1400+ flowers. please comment thank you

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I'd say go with two fixtures, four bulbs per level, for better light coverage. Transplant the seedlings into plastic party cups once they, well root. I wasted my time with floroz when I was a beginner. There's just nothing like a 600 hps. You can veg so many plants in the beer cups under a single 1000 halide. Just pack them nut to but, but space them out as they need more room. Transplant accordingly.

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That sounds like it'd work fine to me, and I agree that you should go with two fixtures per shelf. The extra light will make a lot of difference.

Keep in mind that those fixtures are normally used in indoor growing just to get plants started. Once they get very big at all they'll need more light to really thrive but as long as you're looking to just get the ball rolling I think that'll work perfectly for you.

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