So you can all laugh at this one

RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)July 18, 2007

It's like this...I am somewhat ashamed to admit it but here's about the name of some peas and beans... you know the ones that are passed down in families....and they have family names... Like Aunt Mazies string beans or Grandma's Smith sweet I always wondered if the person that the Crowder pea was named for might be kin to me some how....cause that was my name for about 19 years....and I thought it was pretty cool that someone in my family had a pea named after go ahead and laugh...but how was I to know it was cause they were all crammed into their little one ever told me and I thought quite possibly they might belong to a long lost relative...

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Maybe your family was named after the pea! :D

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

Yes, that's possible too...where I was born and raised people were often given names of famous people or out of the sears roebuck catalog...I swear this is true...I met a little girl who's name was Pajama.....that's right Paje a Mae....

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I was just kidding but you are right, there are some unusual names out there. I know a guy named Merlin. And people did used to be given names of what they did for work. Cooper = barrel maker, Carpenter - carpenter, Wood might be from woodsman, and the ubiquitous Smith refers to tinsmith and blacksmith, anyone who shaped metal by striking it. So maybe your family raised big fields of crowder peas? :) Or maybe its a variant of the English name Crowther(p)?

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