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paulsm(z5)November 28, 2010

Last year we planted most everything from seed with limited success. Mostly we tried to use the window for the light source.

We need a lighting stand with a lower and upper tray and light. As we live in a condo we need to keep it as much in a finished(less messy) state as possible. Gardner's Supply has one but it is about 585 which seems to be a bit pricey.

Can someone point me in the right direction to find a better product. Also, I assume we will need some trays and I guess a better soil or seed starter perhaps. Last year we just used the miracle grow soil product. I need to keep this simple and clean.


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May I suggest that if you have a free afternoon, say today, as it's Sunday, have a look at the tons of posts here with pictures of all kinds of setups. There's everything imaginable here. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. =:)

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

It would be great if more people would read the instructions before posting!

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nutsaboutflowers / taz6122

My... aren't we a bit grouchy today...

I have been posting here for I suppose more than ten years and yes I have read the instructions and yes I do read through the posts first to see if my question has been answered. If it is about a subject that I want to get deeply involved in I generally will read most every post on the forum that seems to be on subject.

That being said it looks to me that you did not read my post at all. I simply wanted a very specific type setup recommendation. I have a very slow dial up system and to pull up the photos takes me forever. On top of that... everything I did look at was far too involved and homemade which is what I have to avoid.

I will give you credit though as for all the help I have gotten from these forums you two are the first to offer not one once of help... A first I have to say.

You have a nice day now...

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I'd say you're the one being grouchy towards my suggestion that the best way would be for you to look at the pictures posted. I found them extremely helpful when I was trying to determine what to put in our home. Note the =:)

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

I doubt anyone here knows the brand or model # of their cheap chrome plated racks bought from wally world or lowes. It's not our fault you don't have better internet speed and you didn't mention that in your first post! Yes 585 is way too much if that's $585.00 but I doubt you will find anything "better".
If you can't afford the $90 rack from Lowes(posted in an earlier thread) then get the one that fits over the commode. I will warn you that you'll spend more on the shorter lights though. The 4' shop lights are the cheapest you will find.
Did you read the thread entitled Cheap 48 x 30 or 18 shelves??
The trays are available from
Soil is your choice but I've never had a problem with 2/1 peat/perlite or 3/1 MG/ perlite.
All this info has already been posted.
In the "8" years you've been here you should know how to do a search in individual forums. After using the correct "key" words you can narrow your search by clicking "edit" then "find" and entering another key word.
BTW you tried to make yourself look like some kind of veteran and I don't consider 10 posts in 8 years any such thing. False representation will get you nowhere. Also cross posting the same question is frowned upon because it could get confusing to members that visit more than one forum.

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Why not buy some 2x4s and OCB board, a few eye-hooks, bit of chain and make one? I built a 4'x8' chamber that is 2' tall for about $45.


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