Barksdale Report

dvdgzmn(Sunset 17 SF CA)July 22, 2009

Hey Macmex, if you're out there, here is a report on the Barksdale seeds you sent me.

I planted them along the same trellis with Trail of Tears and Rattlesnake, alternating 3 plants of each. The Barksdales grew like mad. By the time the other beans reached the top of the 8 foot trellis, the Barksdales had flopped over by 3 feet. The Barksdale also bore fruit earlier than the others. But the good news ends there. The first pods were empty shells, curled into little crescent shapes with no beans inside. Over the next month, full pods developed and they were quite tasty. But then many leaves started to turn yellow then brown (not overwatering -- didn't start at the bottom, and the TOT and Rattlesnakes next door had no problems). The other two varieties are still doing fine, but the Barksdales seem to have had a live fast and die young attitude. Too bad, they really are tasty as you said.

Anybody seen this before?

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Yes, this happened to me last summer and I believe the problem here was white flies.

Tahlequah, OK

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dvdgzmn(Sunset 17 SF CA)

Strange that the flies would leave the TOT and Rattlesnakes alone. Oh well, it's a nice bean and I'll give a few plants another shot next year.

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Last year was the only time, in over 25 years, that I've had white flies on Barksdale. I don't know if they are more susceptable than TOT or Rattlesnake beans. But it would probably be worth trying them again.


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