Growing herbs under lights

pvelNovember 1, 2011

I am planning to grow basil indoors under lights. I have no experience with grow lights. Would like advice about doing this successfully. What is a simple economical setup to use? Thanks

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I grew very robust basil under 6500k T5HO lights last year. Foliage plants such as basil, herbs and lettuce require far less light then fruiting plants. I would go as far to say the basil did better under the T5 then it did when I moved it outside in the sun, where it might have gotten too much light.

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Capoman: Thanks for the reply. If I only want 4-6 plants, how many lights do I need. Should I buy a shop light fixture and the light bulbs separately or one of the ready made solutions I can find online. Any websites I can go to for help? Thanks

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Growing herbs indoors also comes with a host of other benefits like consistent growing conditions. It allow you to become very creative, as you have the freedom to place and arrange your herbs however you like.

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