Growbright bulbs?

nugzmcallisterNovember 7, 2008

I've been through a couple of crops, flowering with the GE Lucalox PSL, does a good job with my 600 lumatek. I was looking around and noticed the growbright HPS, has lots of good features. Anybody using these? The G.B. 600 metal halide conversion does a good job. I think, I have nothing to compare it to. Anybody?

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For your 600w e-ballast, you could also go with the Venture
retro-fit full spectrum. Especially for veg.

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Well, I was going for cheaper bulbs, streamlining my operation. I found a case of 10 solarburst brand bulbs for like $260 including shipping in England. I figure they are probably the same ones HTGsupply gets and sells for double.

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