Black spots on green beans, eat or not? PIC

gomansonJuly 20, 2009

I am growing some Triomphe de Farcy bush green beans and about half of the beans have oblong black spots covering them (see pic). This is the second year I've grown them and last year I had some with the same spots. I'm growing them in the same location this year, in a raised bed that gets sun from about 9:00-3:00.

When I blanche them to freeze them, the black disappears. What is this and is it ok to eat them raw?

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That looks like purple striping that appears in some varieties. I just did a quick search to see if 'Triomphe de Farcy' is known for this to happen and I found this about it and 'Farcy Sans Fil':

From Bakker Brothers, who offer this description; "A stringless mutation out of the well-known variety Triomphe de Farcy. The pods are 15-16 cm long and have a medium green colour with purple stripes who disappear after cooking. In a young stage the pods can be picked as haricot verts with a length is 13 cm and a width of 6 mm. Resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus."

It definitely has the genes to express striping on the pods. So yes, eat them : )

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

The first thing I thought on seeing them was that they looked like Rattlesnake beans. I didn't know there were other purple-striped green beans.

I have a thing for purple beans so that's cool!

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Wow. I wish I had read this sooner. I have the same beans and have been throwing away the ones with the black on them. I thought it was a fungus or mold of some kind. Love these beans. Great taste and there were so many my freezer is well stocked. Will definitely plant again next year.

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