Tall & Short ones, Orientals, Asiatics, Colours mixed up - help?!

sydseeds(5A /ON)July 16, 2005

I thought I had planted this lily garden over the last 3 years in a sequence with asiatics at one end, orientals to the other end, tall in the middle, shorter ones on the borders with the complimentary colours batched close together.

Either the squirrels did an awful lot of transplanting for me; some of last years lilies that were mail order came labelled wrong; or my expanding of this garden on one side has resulted in me mixing orientals with asiatics putting this whole garden looking like a scattered mess.

I'm at the stage this summer where this lily garden looks nothing like the garden I plotted out on paper when I was planting during the past 3 seasons.

The asiatics are almost done flowing, and I've tagged those bundles of colours and heights and types so that I know who's who when everyone drops their petals.

Can I yank those asiatics out of this lily garden once they drop every last petal (we're talking another week at the most and every asiatic will have dropped all petals) and let the orientals fend for themselves while I re-plant these pulled asiatics in a new garden, with actual size, colour and type differences confirmed now, or do I have to wait until the fall die-back when I'll be dazed and confused again as to who's who. I don't want to sacrafice these asiatics but they are so miss-matched strung about in such a willy-nilly fashion amongst this lily garden (that at one point did have some sembalance of order to it - as it is now, the smallest ones are so hidden in the middle of this garden, and amongst the taller ones, you'd barely know they are there.)

Help - I guess I just need a lily expert/seasoned grower to tell me I'm ok to pull and transplant those asiatics right after blooming. Our first frost dates will occur around the first week of October, if that helps. Cheers!

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It is probably easier to lift the asiatics now that the stems still show where they are. You can even dig orientals which are not yet blooming, and transplant them with some care.

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Kenneth - bless you for your answer! The ground is moist but workable after yesterday's heavy rain, so those asiatics and orientals are being given abit of a shuffle to get things back in proper planting colour/type/size order later this afternoon/evening.

I love this forum!

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dunwaukin(Ontario 5b)

Just take the bulbs with as much soil as you can carry on the shovel, getting as much root as you can. Be a little careful in digging, as the bulb is not always directly under the stem.

Oh, and it's very possible that your bulbs were mislabelled. Wouldn't be the first time.

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

Thanks Dunwaukin - I heeded your advice as well and found quite a few surface bulbets in and amongst the mother bulb - tried not to disturb too many of them during the transfer but I am so pleased now because I have semblance of order once again and the oriental lilies needed the room to roam - ahhh the scent tonight was heavenly - there are only about 40 orientals out there at the moment in that tulip/peony/oriental lily garden, so I know what I'll be ordering more of this fall to make up for the room created when I moved the asiatics over to their own garden....Thanks for everyones help on this - dispite the heat and humidity here, the asiatics that were moved earlier this week have settled nicely in their new home.

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