build an LED Grow light? really

calimurray(zone 5)November 16, 2008

I am currently using an old 2x4 fixture for suspended ceiling I drilled 100 holes in the back side and put 2 -50 ft strands of LED C Christmas lights in there 50 red and 50 blue. They use a total of 7 watts.

I am growing morning glory's, enchantment, radishes, carrots, tomato's ,peas, cucumbers, and herbs they all were planted one week ago and I have sprouts everywhere.

I was amazed the Christmas lights actually work I ordered 100 10 mm superbrite blue prewired LED's from Best hong kong

Hopefully I'll get those soon to create another more powerful light.

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i see more and more about l.e.d. lights. the only ones i've really seen that seem to be doing good cost way over the price of H.I.D. lights. i have 4 panels of l.e.d.'s and can say they are useless beyond anything i have tried. mine are the glow panels and use 45 watts of power each. i have 4 of them. i like the h.i.d. lights much more for what they do. yes they cost more, but they do much better than the l.e.d.'s i have seen in the same price range. i have seen l.e.d.'s that produce like the h.i.d.'s but they cost well over a $1000 each!!! really what is the deal here?

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Derek, sorry to hear about poor results.
I am curious tho, so I don't look into the same products, you mentioned 45w glowpanels, are they the $140.00 sunshine glowpanels?

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

I like to see my plants in good light so I can tell if they have any deficiencies. It's also easier to see bugs and fungus problems in more natural light. If LEDs were my last choice, I'd choose a sun room and going by some of your prices it would probably be cheaper.

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