Lily beetle

magpie57July 6, 2008

I was out watering this evening and to my horror, I found what I've discovered is lily beetles. I haven't actually seen the beetles but the dirty little larvae are all over my half eaten plant!

Does anyone know how to get rid of them in a ecological way. I already know about NEEM type spray and I hand picked them this evening...but it was disgusting work. I was hoping to find about a home-made type remedy like ammonia or something.


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opheliathornvt zone 5

I diligently hand-pick every one I see, and that helps, but miss one batch of the larvae and you start all over again. I too hate them and would like to know if there are any home remedies to use when you see the larvae. I don't mind picking the adults, but the globs of excrement are too gross. Fortunately, I'm out in the garden 3 or 4 times a day hand-picking japanese beetles, so adding the lily beetles, slugs, etc., isn't too hard.

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Yeah, that's what I'm doing... but as you say, it's pretty gross. I hope someone out there has a way that works to stop them. I can't bear to see my lilies ruined!

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What I've read is that you take a container of soapy water and knock them into the water as you find them. The article I read also said that they don't stay long which is a good thing but they sure do a lot of damage while they're there. You also have to dig up the grubs, probably when you dig the plants for the winter or if bad enough you can probably do it now but be sure to replant the rhizomes and keep them watered well. Turn the grubs upside down on the ground and birds will eat them or you can kill them yourself. Good luck, it seems that my adults have mostly left for now.


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