Are these light bulbs good for growing plants indoors?

LeafieInNature(9)November 1, 2013

I bought these light bulbs at Home Depot the other day. I currently have one in my desk lamp that I set in front of my plants (a parlor palm and an air plant). Would they be good for growing these indoors?


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Hi Leafie and welcome to GardenWeb,

In regard to your question, for me at least, it's kind of hard to give you a good answer. I've never grown those plants but I know they require very little light. I've read that most house plants do well with 50 to 100 foot-candles for 16 hours a day. Some shade loving foliage plants require less than that.

Your CFL bulbs are daylight bulbs, which is good. However they're only rated at 800 lumens (luminous flux output). In order to get 50 foot-candles of light intensity from one of those bulbs, it would have to be only about 15 or 16 inches away from the plant. And that's with no shade blocking the bare bulb, such as a desk lamp might do. Of course, if the room has some natural light then you wouldn't have to supply near as much artificial lighting.

How large are the plants, would one light be enough to adequately cover all parts of the plants? How far from the plants will your light be? How many hours a day will the light be left on? Just too many questions to give you a good answer :-)

Hopefully something here might be helpful or at least give you some ideas.


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