Heirloom pea identification

oldpea(8)July 25, 2007

After being told by several seed stores that they no longer carried Whippoorwill pea seed and could not get any, I became extremely interested in seed saving.

My first attempt was with a few unusual-looking peas in a bag of mixed peas given to me for consumption.

After much heavy rain, and seeds sprouting in the pods, I now have a variety of very pretty seeds.

Maybe someone can tell me what they are.

There is a strong possibility that I was given peas that were grown, and seed saved, back in the 70's.

1. One matches a desciption of Blue Goose. 2.One is black with red swirles. 3.There's one black with very small white random spots and blotches. 4. A red one with black mottling.

5.A pearly grey with a large, dark black eye. 6. A small tan with brown speckles. A small dark grey with speckles.

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O.K.. So I left the "r" out of the word description and left out the number 7.
Another question, please.
I remember whippoorwill peas being small, tan and speckled, and they really tasted good.
Does anyone know what a REAL whippoorwill pea looks like?
I really enjoy reading the postings in this forum and the pictures are just great.

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cowabunga1(Zone 6)

I don't know much about Identifying your peas but the whipoorwill pea sounds very interesting. You can find a picture of it here. Too bad they are sold out.

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Southern peas cross pollinate readily, unlike regular (P. vulgaris) beans. So unless you are growing them in isolation, you have mixed peas.

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Sand Hill Preservation has Whippoorwill Cowpeas listed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sand Hill Preservation's Cowpeas

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By the way, the Whippoorwill peas I grew up with were tan with speckles too.

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After reading my post the next day, I saw that what I was saying wouldn't make a lick of sense to someone else.
Thanks for responding. I do have a Blue Goose and the Whippoorwill pea pictured on the Victory Seed site. Many thanks, cowabungal. I ordered the "whips' from Sandhill, separated the colors, and, planted one color. Waiting to see what happens. Thanks, jwm1960. As for the peas crossing, what I picked looks like some of the very old seed that we have been trying to germinate. No success on the deliberate and much success on the accidental planting of this seed by a young boy. Will try to learn how to post pictures. Thanks, farmadilla, you could be right.

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