Southern window is cold at night

townhouserOnt(z6aOnt)November 29, 2005

How to solve two contradicting issues: bright sunlight from S. window and warmth with humidity for growing orchids?

I have large south-facing window (~65" wide, starts at knee height), but near it is quite cold at night or in windy cloudy weather. Window is winterized by transparent plastic. In clear sunny days temperature raises quickly and humidity drops to 24%.

I moved plants into two indoor greenhouses (covered by transparent vinyl, on wheels), added fluorescent lights (not enough) and PC fans, and placed all this in the middle of the room (4.5' from window).

Now temperature and humidity are good, but less light.

It is better to avoid moving at daytime to window, an at night in the middle of the room, this is living room, not a spare room. Adding enough recommended artificial lights makes this hobby too expensive for me at the moment.

Is it possible to heat indoor greenhouses locally, from inside, with less wattage than the whole room 650W oil heater?

Or find inexpensive fluorescent light fixtures, ready- or self-made? There are total 5 shelves 27"long. Short fixtures have low watts, multitube sets are very expensive, CFL are using a lot of vertical space.

Any ideas or links? Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tip to use sunlight when it's possible

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>Is it possible to heat indoor greenhouses locally, from inside, with less wattage than the whole room 650W oil heater?

I am just going to touch this part. I have nearly the same problem with my pet iguana I need to heat his 4'x4'x6' cage to 95 F in the day but have it dark at night. In my 4x4x6 cage I get a basking spot temp of 95 F with three 60 W bulbs in clamp lights. My cage is much like the greenhouse you use -- a PVC frame covered with clear vinyl and canvas which zips open.

A securely mounted clamp light to house a light bulb will produce a lot of heat and warm up that small area quickly. If a colored light is still too bright there are heating devices for reptiles known as Ceramic Heat Emitters (CHE's). These are a light bulb like device with a standard lamp base but are ceramic with internal heating coils. Now these can get HOT so if you try this go with the lowest wattage you can find usually 40 or 60 and a ceramic lamp base.

I also run the heating for my cage on a thermostat which may help you.

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